Car paint protection in Hervey Bay

Living on the beautiful Hervey Bay coastline, salt damage to cars is a common occurrence we see everyday. At SSC Tinting, we use Enduroshield Paint Protection to prevent new cars against fading, oxidation, corrosion, staining, bird droppings, road grime, petrol, oil and detergents. Rest assured all treatments for new cars will receive a limited lifetime warranty. We understand how busy life gets. If you can’t get to our Hervey Bay store, we’ll arrange a pick-up and drop off service for your car. Contact us today for a free quote!

Enduroshield Paint Protection

Suitable for car, marine and aviation application, Nilrust’s Enduroshield Paint Protection provides increased resistance to harmful UV rays, heavy-duty detergents and acid rain. The high-tech colour enhancers that feature within the treatment add a luminous glossy sheen to enrich your vehicle’s paintwork.