Rust prevention for cars and 4WDs

Prevent rust from occurring on your car with our under body rust proofing treatment at SSC Tinting. Rust is predominant in wet, damp and humid conditions. This is further exacerbated by the presence of salt. To combat damaging environmental elements, we use Nilrust Rust Proofing. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty on new cars and a 5-year warranty for commercial cars and 4WDs, there’s no risk involved when it comes to our effective rust proofing treatments. Head to FAQ page to learn more or contact us today to schedule your car in for rust proofing.

Chemical Rust Proofing

Don’t leave your car vulnerable to rust. Highly resistant to salt spray, Nilrust Rust Proofing is perfect for cars and 4WDs regularly exposed to coastal conditions.

How does rust proofing work? Our rust proofing application prevents further oxidation to stop corrosion. We’ll apply the treatment to all areas of the car that’s vulnerable to rust including the chassis, brake and fuel lines and inside doors and body panels. Used as a mist, the sealant penetrates seams and joins to leave a flexible coating that locks out moisture and corrosionforming compounds.